Friday, January 13, 2012

2012: A Food Odyssey

So, I'm hoping not to try and set any crazy unattainable resolutions this year. But to try and keep up the good fight to put tasty, healthy, responsible food in my family's bodies! I'm excited to think of where I'll find new favorites and what they will be!  Also excited to start planning a new, bigger garden!

We are currently using up several things out of our freezer: corn, bell peppers, blueberries and strawberries. Yum! Good reminders of the summer we had.  We used them in smoothies, chili and cornbread this week.

The week before, we discovered BOWLS at home courtesy of Appetite for Reduction. It's such a simple idea - a big bowl of a grain, beans/tempeh, lots of veggies and the best part -- some awesome sauce!  I was always hesitant that I wouldn't make a decent sauce that would bring everything together and add the zings needed to make it satisfying meal. But AfR definitely offers some winning sauces!!

We'll be adding another bowl to our menu this week, I just have to pick one!

We're also going to try out a millet and swiss chard recipe from

It's appearing to really stay cold here now that it's mid-January, so all our meals are going to be hot, filling meals. But we do have some arugula for side salads and some romaine.

Does anyone else have a harder time incorporating as many veggies in the winter? Summer is such a piece of cake, but in winter, I tend to focus more on beans, grains, and other filling protein/carbs and then a bit of veggies. If you have a secret, let me know! :) Happy eating!