Thursday, February 9, 2012

February's Bounty

Yes, the cherry trees are blooming and the broccoli in our compost pile is flowering! What a strange and warm winter we're having. It's time to start buying seeds and the garden cover crop never died off!  I, of course, am looking forward to Spring asparagus and the beginning of berry season. But I still feel like we need some winter.

This week we made some old and new favorites: Vegan Planet black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, Vegan Planet gumbo, the Appetite for Reduction bowl (brown rice, lentils, pineapple, steamed greens, peanut-lime dragon dressing -- my husband's idea).  We're also going to try one of Isa's spinach lasagna recipes!  I haven't had a vegan lasagna in a while.

I also found a cashew queso recipe that Isa had posted a while back and we'll be having taco salads next week!

We were on vacation in Puerto Rico at the end of January and had a hard time finding vegetarian food, much less vegan food. We did find a couple of restaurants that stood out: Food Space in Luquillo and La Estacion in Fajardo. Although I loved the beach and the rain forest and VACATION, it was good to get back and eat homemade vegan again.

Coming up for Valentine's Day, we are going to make some Post Punk Kitchen chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies!! 

I have also been experimenting with kale chips. I love them! But have found that I burn them somewhat frequently. :(  So now I cook them for 7 minutes at 350 degrees and they are crispy on the edges, but not so much in the center and I realllly like them this way. Who would have thought?  Anything that makes me eat that much kale with my hands, right out of the oven, can't be wrong.

So, no major epiphanies this post. Just truckin' along. Off to make a hummus wrap for my day out in the woods for work. Good health and good eats to you!