Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Saturday - Farmer's Market and Banana Bread

Incredibly beautiful Fall day here in NC - blueblue skies, yellow leaves blowing, and it's about 70 degrees!  Finally wrestled my DH from bed this morning when I mentioned the Farmer's Market. :) We got, of all things: raspberries, field peas, beets, turnips, mums and a pumpkin!  The mums and pumpkin are for decoration out front - already in place! I love quick and compostable decorations!

I think I'll boil up the field peas for lunch and add some of our summer frozen corn to them - we love the two mixed together with salt and pepper. Maybe a small dab of margarine.

We are planning to roast the beets and turnips.

Best part of this morning is that I wanted to clean out some of the freezer and found three individually wrapped bananas that had gotten soft and I had been saving up for ?? months just for this moment!  Found this awesome banana bread recipe from my favoritest cookbook author, Ms. Isa Moskowitz.  It's baking now. Smells lovely!

Hope you all are enjoying the day as much as we are!

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