Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eating Out!

Last night my husband and I met some friends out for dinner before a concert. We don't get to Remedy Diner in downtown Raleigh more often than every couple of months, so it was a real treat!  As usual, it was hard for me to pick a dish because there are so many vegan options! I settled on the Under the Volcano buffalo mock chicken sandwich. OMG.  I try not to eat processed soy foods too frequently, but that was a yummy sandwich. Their three side options are all vegan and I had slaw. The sandwich was huge but I ate it all! :) Good thing, it powered me through the concert and a trip back to Remedy for drinks with our friend the singer!

The upcoming week's menu includes sushi (Veganomicon recipe with spicy tempeh), broccoli-cashew stir fry, and something with acorn squash to take advantage of some Fall foods.

Have a great weekend!

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